Maternity, Pregnancy, Couple and Family Photographer Sydney

Photography is a passion that Vanessa Forbes, has had for over 25 years.

“I remember looking at the photo of myself up on the wall when I was a child.  It made me feel important and I knew I belonged somewhere.  I saw visually that I was part of a family.   In difficult times I used to look at that picture of myself smiling down from the wall and it would always make me feel better.  I know first hand what a positive affirmation it is to celebrate your children by displaying beautiful pictures of them up on the wall of your home.  They see themselves countless times a day and that validation supports their sense of self throughout their childhood.”

Vanessa won her first award back in 1988, for best portrait photographer of the year at university in Wellington, NZ.  She moved to Australia in 1995 and became a stills photographer for Channel 7. She worked for the TV station for 5 years and it was there that she really was trained to deliver results no matter what the circumstances.  “There were so many people in line wanting my job that I became a strong and quick photographer just to keep my place.   Eventually all that hard work set me up,  I can shoot almost anything now and create something thats worthwhile.”

She went on to win various awards over the years with AIPP, including Best Portrait Album of the Year 2005.

“I always aim to not only capture the moment but to tell a story of LOVE.    I do this by capturing authentic expressions and the personality of my subject(s).   Capturing people naturally is one of the most difficult things to do and it takes many years of experience, a strong intention and a huge skill set.”

Vanessa Forbes is known as the Baby Whisperer and is widely recognised as one of Sydneys leading baby and child portrait photographers.  She has been invited as a guest on The Kerri-Anne Kennerley Show to educate the audience how to photograph your children, she was invited by Today Tonight for her expertise in photographing babies.  She has photographed advertising campaigns for Nestle and Tommee Tippee and her work has regularly been published on the cover of Practical Parenting Magazine.

Specializing in newborn, baby and toddler photography, pregnancy, and family portraits, Vanessa loves to capture the bond between mother and child, father and baby, siblings, couples and families.

Many of Vanessa’s pictures have become an iconic part of her clients’ history and she photographs the same families over and over again as their children grow.